Portrait: Christopher Brown

Award -winning photographer CHRISTOPHER BROWN has had a diverse career which has spanned the Theatre, Business and Art worlds. He began his career as an actor, receiving a Master of Fine Arts degree from Yale University School of Drama. He was school and classmates of Meryl Streep and Sigourney Weaver. Among his many theatre, film and TV credits, he appeared on Broadway in the play and motion picture version of “The Ritz.” Christopher was a series regular on the Daytime Drama ANOTHER WORLD and in prime time on the ABC TV Comedy OPERATION PETTICOAT, which launched Jamie Lee Curtis. Mr. Brown has appeared on Broadway, and in Regional Theatres including South Coast Repertory, Yale Repertory Theatre and The Old Globe Theatre in San Diego.

He started his photographic studio in Hollywood, California, photographing actors, models and celebrities. While maintaining his studio, Christopher joined Balcar Lighting Systems, a French Photographic Lighting Company, in the mid 1980’s. He also was engaged as a lecturer on Photographic lighting and has taught seminars at major photographic organizations, colleges and trade shows in San Francisco, Seattle, Salt Lake City, San Diego and Los Angeles. It was at this time the focus of his photography changed. He became immensely interested in architectural elements, and his passion for travel was a natural match. His work took him to Europe,photographing the historically-rich buildings and structures of many cities, taking particular delight and wonder at the unusual elements of the images he saw.

In the early 90’s, Christopher closed his portrait studio and joined Calumet Photographic, a leading supplier of photographic equipment to the professional photographer. As the International Director of Marketing, Mr. Brown created the Calumet Institute of Learning in conjunction with the University of Maryland for the advancement and education of students in photography. Christopher has also produced over 100 seminars with some of the finest photographers in the United States and Europe.

In 2000, Christopher left Calumet to concentrate on his own photographic work, traveling extensively to create new and different images. He has actively worked over the years to simplify his work and to concentrate on expressing the moment through impressionism. Currently, he is working on a book of his photographs and travel experiences.

Most recent Art appearances:
Beverly Hills Affair in the Garden (Twice Award Winner)
Southwestern Art Festival
Thousand Oaks Art Walk (Award Winner)
Tempe Festival of the Arts
San Diego Art Walk
Studio City Art Fair (Nine Time Award Winner)

In addition to his work being in private collections and celebrity homes, his work is featured on the set of SHOWTIMES
hit program "WEEDS."